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75th Anniversary of the Spokane AIA Gala Evening

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, May 6, 2023, we shall be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Spokane AIA with a gala at the Centerplace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley.  The theme of the evening will be the famous (and historical!) King Midas, who ruled the Phrygian kingdom in central Turkey during the 8th century BCE.  A vast tomb was excavated at Gordion, Midas’ capital city, in 1957, and the meal will feature a partial reconstruction of the recipes based upon archaeological finds from the tomb.  In addition, dinner will be followed by a lecture from Dr. Richard Liebhart, THE expert on the tomb, its construction and contents for the past 30 years.  The registration deadline is April 20, and more about the event (including the menu!) is included in this newsletter.

For information on how to register, please click here.

Midas Dinner and Lecture with Dr. Richard Liebhart

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